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Every page on Healthcarepedia has both content the ability you to move to other pages. This is called "navigation".

To help you navigate, every page on Healthcarepedia, has three main navigation elements:

  • The sidebar to the left gives you access to important pages in the wiki such as Recent changes or Upload file. Healthcarepedia requires you to log in before seeing all of the sidebar options.
  • Links at the top of each page (often called tabs) relate to the page currently displayed: its associated discussion page, the version history, and – most notably – the edit link.
  • User links are located at the very top; as an anonymous user, you’ll see a link to create an account or log in. As a logged-in user you have a collection of personal links, including ones to your user page, preferences, and a link to log out.

In addition to the standard navigation elements that each page has, a page will have content in the larger main area of the page. Generally within this information will be links to other pages.