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Would you be interested in joining the Healthcarepedia leadership team?

We need Directors and Managers to help lead the following departments and committees. Leadership roles are a great way to engage a growing community of dedicated academics and professionals. All commitments are voluntary for a one year duration.

If you're interested, please contact us at Please be sure to indicate the role you're interested in and a bit about your background and interests.

Healthcarepedia Departments and Committees


  • Editorial Operations (50%)
    • Define and communicate Healthcarepedia policy
    • Staff recruitment
    • Staff coordination and internal reporting
    • Staff recognition and community building
  • Strategy & Quality (10%)
    • Content review and assessment
    • Identify and report opportunities for quality improvement
    • Surveys and interviews with target audience
    • Interaction with advisory board
  • Visual Design (10%)
    • Identify opportunities to visually communicate
    • Creation of visual content - charts, graphs, infographics
  • Marketing & Outreach (20%)
    • Building awareness of Healthcarepedia value with target audience
    • Social media outreach
    • Tracking of Healthcarepedia content access via web & social analytics
  • Partnerships and Outreach (10%)
    • Engagement with external entities
    • Crafting of partnership agreements
    • Promotion of Healthcarepedia and content with external organizations

Standing Committees

  • Advisory Board (external)
  • Executive Committee
  • Content Policy
  • Team Wellness