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Healthcarepedia Mission is a project to create a free guide to U.S. healthcare. It is collaboratively built by dedicated students, academics, and professionals who wish to improve health and wellness through better literacy of healthcare--fostering understanding of how care is delivered, managed, and governed. It is not intended as a source of medical advice or to inform health decisions.

The mission of Healthcarepedia is to provide:

  • Create an easily accessible, accurate, and objective source of information about healthcare
  • Empower individuals by equipping them with the necessary tools and knowledge in order to understand and effectively interact with the U.S. healthcare system

2018 Goals


  • Create basic content for all relevant healthcare topics and concepts (2017 topic areas)
  • Ensure content is greatly and widely accessed
  • Encourage broad participation in content creation and curation from a wide range of healthcare students, academics, and professionals
  • Initiate efforts to inspire continued collaboration from contributors
  • Survey audience stakeholders to best understand needs and concerns

Policies & Governance

  • Develop a system of volunteer staffing and governance
  • Develop the policy and guidelines for efficient content creation, editing, and administration
  • Develop a continuous quality improvement system for ensuring that content is accessible, accurate, and objective
  • Identify clear, measurable indicators for success
  • Develop a system of recognition for excellence in content contribution and improvement

Partnerships and Outreach

  • Initiate partnerships with public and private entities that align with Healthcarepedia's mission
  • Initiate outreach efforts